Learning and Laughter: 

Humor Boosts Retention

Karith’s secret weapon is that she uses humor in her INVERSITY™ trainings. 

According to numerous neuroscience research, humor stimulates the brain’s dopamine reward system, which activates motivation and long-term memory. 2,3
Keynotes & Training
For over a decade, Karith has given keynotes and done training at industry associations like SHRM, corporations like Bristol Myers Squibb, and academic institutions like Stanford, Harvard and more.
With mounting pressure to apply DEI principles organizationally, Karith can either work alongside someone on your staff or as a contracted consultant to fulfill the role of Chief DEI Officer in your organization.
Online Learning
Access online learning and real tools to navigate the sensitive and ever-evolving landscape of diversity. INVERSITY™ offers seven online learning modules with engaging supplemental activities designed for introspection and reflection.

The Voices of Society Are Loud

Be careful who you listen to. Many of today’s well-intentioned movements have been hijacked to create division and hate. 

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” 


INVERSITY™ is a new word for many. It may even be an entirely new concept for those well versed in traditional diversity and inclusion efforts. Karith empowers organizations to have conversations about DEI in a less threatening, more inviting, deeper and authentic manner. INVERSITY™ is for people truly dedicated to elevating the conversation around DEI because they care about themselves and others whose lives they touch. 

INVERSITY™ Stands For:

  • INtrospection - The examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. In short, understanding YOUR value, YOUR worth, YOUR connection to humanity.
  • VErify information before you accept it as truth and share it. Verify where someone stands— or who they are—before making an assumption or condemnation about them.
  • Reason vs Reaction - It’s normal to want to react to a perceived threat or uncertainty. Reason allows us to take a step back and analyze the situation, maintain healthy relationships and create new possibilities. 
  • Stop Fear, Start Faith - Fear amplifies what we fear. Faith promotes peace and calm.
  • Initiate a New Perspective - When we take time to shift our perspectives, it changes everything. 
  • Take Time for Gratitude - Our brains are wired to notice what’s wrong and what’s missing. When we focus on gratitude, it shifts our perspective and experience.
  • You are Magical - When we consider the symphony of human creation, you really are magical. 

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