“Instead of #diversity, we’re going to talk about #inversity. We’re going to talk about the things we have in common with each other.”
- Karith Foster

INVERSITY™ Online Curriculum

INVERSITYTM takes the "division" out of traditional DEI programming by offering a truly INclusive way to communicate, learn, and create an environment vital to an organization's success. INVERSITY™ accomplishes this mission by creating and supporting brave environments to hold courageous conversations based on intentional language, positive psychology and neuroscience.

It's about understanding YOUR value, YOUR worth and YOUR connection to humanity. 

Access real tools to navigate the sensitive and ever-evolving landscape of diversity.

  • Identify and address your own biases 

  • Learn the C.A.R.E. methodology

  • Develop a space for courageous conversation 

  • Create a continuum for effective communication 

  • Understand the distinction between racism, bias and prejudice

  • Learn skills to dissolve tension when issues of free expression are in question. 

 "Karith’s presentation allowed students to see an embodiment of this approach to diversity in which head and heart, pragmatism and idealism, all have their proper place. Building on her life’s story and experiences with delightful humor, Karith created a light and relaxed space in which hard truths about ourselves could be held without judgement. Students opened themselves to her in a profound way and received wise and loving advice in return. I intend to invite Karith back to my classes in the future and enthusiastically recommend her to other educational institutions."
Amer Latif, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies, 
Emerson College
"I want to thank you for your honesty, transparency, and graciousness. You shared a piece of your heart in stories that showed vulnerability. Thank you so much for your time and wisdom today."
Linda Lydon, Human Resources 
Stanford University
"Karith and her programming truly exceeded my expectations. Our faculty, staff, and students are continuing to discuss INVERSITY™, inclusion, and equity on our campus. This was the perfect presentation to begin having strategic campus wide conversations. Karith is able to create a safe space where everyone can self-reflect and receive the necessary tools to continue to create an environment where we truly have equity and inclusiveness."
Dr. Edrell Stoneham
VP Student Services, Victoria College
"Karith impressed me the most with her ability to break down barriers and make people laugh and listen. At the beginning, nobody wanted to laugh, but they couldn’t help but love Karith after just a few minutes of hearing her speak."
Christopher Herman
Oberlin College
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The 6 Pillars oF INVERSITY™ 

The best way to change behavior is by working from the INside out.

Ignite a seismic shift that starts from within. This is not surface work, but transformational behavioral change that happens when the message reaches the core of one’s being, planting seeds of choice and desire to believe (and behave) differently.

INVERSITY™ offers seven modules with engaging supplemental activities designed for introspection and reflection...

Course contents

About the Instructor

“Hearts and minds CAN be changed, but it takes effort.”
- Karith Foster
Karith Foster is a Diversity Engagement Specialist and creator of the groundbreaking INVERSITY™ methodology and other signature programs. She is creating a seismic shift in diversity and culture change in academic institutions, organizations and corporations across America. These new conversations are revolutionizing the way we address issues of diversity and leadership.

Karith brings the perfect blend of humor, knowledge and experience while conveying the ever-present need to address diversity, inclusion and effective communication. Karith leaves her audiences feeling engaged, connected, inspired and encouraged to commit to the journey of mutual respect, acceptance and a greater sense of belonging.

As a speaker, humorist, TV & radio personality, author, entrepreneur, wife, and mother, Karith is a positive force of change with her sense of duty, service—along with her riotous sense of humor. “If you can laugh at it you can get through it,” is her motto and the invaluable lesson she seeks to instill in others. 

In addition to being CEO of INVERSITY™ Solutions, Karith is also the Founder of F.R.A.M.E the Foster Russell Alliance for Meaningful Expression a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to inspire free speech, inclusion, social change and empowerment through education and mentorship on college and university campuses.

Karith was featured in two hit documentary films “Can We Take a Joke?” and "No Safe Spaces" which have garnered accolades in The Washington Post and TIME Magazine, as has her TEDx Talk “The Art of Defying Stereotypes: Learning to be True to Your Voice.” Karith has also made appearances on Imus in the Morning, Fox&Friends, MSNBC, Howard Stern, Comedy Central, VH-1 and Oprah.

Karith is an alumna of Stephens College and Oxford University. She is also a visiting expert for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford University and a 7-time repeat guest lecturer for Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business course, "Reputation Management." 

The words “no” and “impossible” are not in her vocabulary as evidenced by her career path, life challenges, chosen adventures and desire to help others.
Custom Workshops
Whether you’re a leader in a large corporation or an academic institution, Karith’s custom workshops can meet your organization’s needs.
Chief INVERSITY™ Officer
With mounting pressure to apply DEI principles organizationally, Karith can either work alongside someone on your staff or as a contracted consultant to fulfill the role of Chief DEI Officer in your organization.
For over a decade, Karith has given keynotes at industry associations like SHRM, corporations like Bristol Myers Squibb, and academic institutions like Stanford, Harvard and more.