The 7 Pillars of 


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The 7 Pillars oF INVERSITY™ 

The best way to change behavior is by working from the INside out.

Ignite a seismic shift that starts from within. This is not surface work, but transformational behavioral change that happens when the message reaches the core of one’s being, planting seeds of choice and desire to believe (and behave) differently.

Pillar 1: Actualization

Actualization means attaining and achieving with effort, skill or courage. Actualization is an essential component of success. When we work toward achieving self-actualization, we operate from a place of wholeness and confidence. Personal responsibility reigns supreme and replaces blame, judgment and emotional paralysis. Actualization paves the way for an empowering environment of learning, creativity and ideas.

Pillar 2: Awareness

Awareness reveals the unseen. We don’t know what we don’t know until we are aware. Awareness casts light on the shadows of negative thoughts, concepts and actions. It illuminates the pathway for understanding, connection, collaboration and unity and dissolves ignorance, ambiguity and confusion. From a state of awareness comes discernment, truth and new perspectives which prompts our reality to change for the better. 

Pillar 3: Reception

Reception is an openness to growth and learning. When we are open to receive new information—whether it's in the form of education, praise or constructive criticism— we gain knowledge and skill. For example, when a broadcast tower has good reception, the signal is clear. When we have reception and clarity, we can effectively broadcast the signals of a healthy corporate culture.

Pillar 4: Courage

The root of the word courage is cor, which means heart. Operating from heart and courage is what transforms workplaces rooted in fear into cultures that promote acceptance, benevolence and harmony.  Having courage means boldly showing up as your true self and listening and operating confidently—not just from the head, but also from the heart.

Pillar 5: Grace

Grace is closely related to “kindness”, elegance and gentility. Grace allows for uncomfortable conversations and moments to pass without permanence. It is a gift that when given to others, it improves relationships and creates the space for the first 4 pillars to continue working together: Actualization, Awareness, Reception and Courage.

Pillar 6: Energy

Energy is all around us. It permeates and is imprinted people, life forms, objects, physical spaces and locations. Just like in the laws of physics, we have the ability to proactively charge energy from negative to positive. With practice and application, we can channel this energy and create successful workspaces. 

Pillar 7: Conscious Communication

When people can speak openly, articulate ideas and listen actively, each person in a conversation, classroom, community and organization is seen and heard. Most importantly, Conscious Communication allows for an intentional exchange of dialogue and ideas that aren't dismissed, but are inclusive of all who are part of the conversation. Conscious Communication demands and commands a brave space, which must be rooted in Actualization, Awareness, Reception, Courage, Grace and Positive Energy.
Keynotes & Training
For over a decade, Karith has given keynotes and done training at industry associations like SHRM, corporations like Bristol Myers Squibb, and academic institutions like Stanford, Harvard and more.
With mounting pressure to apply DEI principles organizationally, Karith can either work alongside someone on your staff or as a contracted consultant to fulfill the role of Chief DEI Officer in your organization.
Online Learning
Access online learning and real tools to navigate the sensitive and ever-evolving landscape of diversity. INVERSITY™ offers seven online learning modules with engaging supplemental activities designed for introspection and reflection.

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