Podcast: Theory-N2-Practice with Karith Foster on INVERSITY

Feb 28 / Karith Foster
In this episode of Theory-N2-Practice, we discuss the vision of “Inversity” with Karith Foster.

Don’t miss it; it was a great interview!

Karith empowers organizations to have conversations about DEIB in a less threatening, more inviting, deeper, and authentic manner.

INVERSITY™ is for people genuinely dedicated to elevating the conversation around DEIB because they care about themselves and others whose lives they touch.

INVERSITY™ takes the "division" out of traditional DEI programming by offering a genuinely INclusive way to communicate, learn, and create an environment vital to an organization's success.

Karith’s secret weapon is that she uses humor in her DEIB training. Why? Because humor boosts memory retention. According to numerous neuroscience research, humor stimulates the brain’s dopamine reward system, which activates motivation and long-term memory.

Karith Foster’s experiences are designed to cultivate a sincere comprehension of Diversity INVERSITY™ with the perfect blend of humor, interactive participation, heartfelt stories, and actionable tools.