Podcast: The Power of Dropping Perfectionism: w. ComedianKarith Foster

Dec 10 / Karith Foster
In this episode we will explore the power of dropping Perfectionism. Have you ever met anyone that is perfect? Doubtful, because it is a goal we create for ourselves that doesn't exist.

Join the author of You can be Perfect or you Can be Happy the esteemed speaker and comedian Karith Foster and me as we talk about how to overcome the habit of perfectionism, stop people pleasing and start living your best life. We will discuss that when perfectionism shows up, it often brings its close friends: depression, anxiety and anger.

If you subscribe to this idea that perfection is a prerequisite for success, you’re not alone: Perfectionism is on the rise in a major way, with studies finding significant jumps in the prevalence of perfectionist tendencies over the last three decades.

Are you tired of trying to be perfect? So is Karith Foster.

Perfection is overrated. Join Karith as she shows you how to find bliss in your everyday life.

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