Podcast: Diversity Isn't a Two-Way Street

Karith Foster
🎧 Today’s special guest on The Keynote Curators Podcast is Karith Foster, a diversity engagement specialist, and CEO at Inversity™ Solutions. We sat down recently to discuss diversity, inclusion, and equity and why the DEI conversation needs to go beyond sexuality, gender, and ethnicity.

🤔 Terrified of not addressing the topic within your organization? Or saying the wrong thing if you do? Diversity doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable topic. It can even be a humorous one. Karith draws from her experience as a Fortune 500 human resources executive administrator and a 20-year stand-up comedian to turn an often touchy subject into an approachable one.

💡 Her evolutionary Inversity™ Solutions method encourages people to discover what unites them instead of discussing what divides them. DEI shouldn’t be about quotas or optics. It’s about creating a healthy culture where people are encouraged to be reflective, engage in conscious conversations, and find common ground through laughter.

🤩 A firm believer that humor can heal division, Karith wants to revolutionize how society addresses diversity, mental wellness, and leadership issues. Her motto is “Laugh. Think. Grow.” With laughter, walls come down, engagement is sparked, and horizons are broadened. People are open to new experiences, new people, new cultures.

👇 Tune in to hear how this diversity-done-differently specialist ignites real conversation that has the power to change lives, create connections, and strengthen relationships.