Dreams Do Come True

Karith Foster

20 years ago as I sat in my cubicle on the 43rd floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan, I knew in my heart of hearts I was destined for more. 

I wasn’t unhappy; I genuinely enjoyed my corporate job and colleagues. I loved being around people, inspiring and helping everyone with whom I engaged. I just knew… there was more.

I was given the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder, but my soul knew otherwise. (Our souls always know.)

You see, I also loved being on stage and using humor as the ultimate tool to bridge all that divides. 

I wasn’t a secret agent, but I definitely led a double life. I was a human resources executive administrator by day; a stand-up comedian by night.
Both jobs fulfilled my desire to be a servant to others. Both jobs centered around making people feel connected and valued. Only one job required a two-drink minimum though.

My dream was to marry my passion and my purpose.

This dream has been realized with the creation INVERSITY™.

And this dream keeps getting bigger and better because...

SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management), the largest HR Association in the world, whose entire mission is to provide support for HR leaders across the globe, has asked me to host their National Conference in New Orleans this summer.

I will be on stage doing and being what I love for the largest global human resources event ever.
I am beyond thrilled for this opportunity, but mostly, I am honored and humbled to share this space with top industry human resource professionals and CEO’s; even a former President of the United State of America as we deliver top notch programming, guidance and support to all attendees.

THIS was the more I was destined for. (My soul knew, even when I didn’t.)If you are affiliated with SHRM I hope to see you there.

If you are not, but looking to be part of this incredible organization please learn more here.

If I see you in NOLA you can pinch me, but don’t wake me up.

P.S. Bring some extra napkins for those beignets, gumbo, and crawfish!