Podcast: James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio

Karith Foster
In today’s episode Karith and James talk about diversity, inclusivity, and belonging. They address the fear that most people have about what they can and cannot say.

Karith Foster has taken her passion for entertaining and critical thinking nationwide for over two decades. From the airways to organizations, universities, to corporations creating a seismic shift in mindsets and revolutionizing how we address diversity and leadership issues. She kicked off 2020 as a visiting expert for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford University, where she’s an eight-time repeat guest lecturer for the graduate school of business course “Reputation Management.”

The former co-host of controversial radio personality Don Imus and former Fortune 500 human resources executive administrator, brings the perfect blend of humor, knowledge, and experience when conveying the ever-present need to address diversity, inclusion, and effective communication. Karith leaves her audiences feeling engaged connected inspired and encouraged to commit to the Journey of mutual respect acceptance and a greater sense of belonging.