Podcast: Disrupting Diversity & Inclusion

Oct 11 / Karith Foster
Laura’s guest, Karith Foster, does an amazing job at creating neutral spaces to learn about diversity at work through humor. She specializes in bringing people together by talking about the things we have in common with each other, and in this episode, we find out all about her journey and mission!

Laura and Karith discuss everything from the pivotal moments that guided her career to why the traditional DEI programs aren’t making any changes. They also talk about the negative effects of cancel culture and what creating a culture of belonging really means.

You’ll get a lot from this episode, including a laugh and a perspective shift on this topic. Enjoy!

In this episode, we cover:
-Inversity vs. diversity.
-Shifting from traditional diversity to inclusive diversity.
-What the C.A.R.E. acronym stands for.
-What toxic DEI is.
-Using humor to not be on the offense or the defense.

More about Karith Foster:
Karith Foster is a Diversity Engagement Specialist and creator of the groundbreaking INVERSITY™ methodology and other signature programs. She is creating a seismic shift in diversity and culture in academic institutions, organizations, and corporations across America. These new conversations are revolutionizing the way we address issues of diversity and leadership.

As a speaker, humorist, TV & radio personality, author, entrepreneur, wife, and mother, Karith is a positive force of change with her sense of duty, and service—along with her riotous sense of humor.