Chief Diversity INVERSITYTM Officer

“Hearts and minds CAN be changed, but it takes effort.”
- Karith Foster

Direct Support for DEI/HR Leaders 

For issues that arise, Karith Foster is on your “speed dial.”  You have Priority Access to her, Monday through Thursday, 9am to 4pm Central Time via text, cell phone, email and/or video web conferencing.

Karith Foster is your confidant. She helps your organization's DEI Leader navigate through issues and empowers the Leader with the  INVERSITYTM approach and tools, so that they can guide staff in DEI conversations and challenging situations.

Karith is there for you to answer questions about DEI, consult on INVERSITYTM Solutions, navigate through potential obstacles and pitfalls, walk through steps of resolution and offer mediation.

She also includes Media Relations Training, as needed. If your organization's officers are asked to appear on camera, Karith can offer full media training, including best practices for conducting interviews, formulating sound bites and navigating the “gotcha” questions. Karith is a 20-year media veteran in your back pocket, so that you can confidently address the media with poise and grace.

Your Priority Access is the most comprehensive support a DEI Leader could ask for. It not only supports the Leader in high-pressure situations, it also provides the encouragement, confidence and empowerment that a DEI Leader requires.

About Karith Foster

Karith Foster is a Diversity Engagement Specialist and creator of the groundbreaking INVERSITY™ methodology and other signature programs. She is creating a seismic shift in diversity and culture change in academic institutions, organizations and corporations across America. These new conversations are revolutionizing the way we address issues of diversity and leadership.

Karith brings the perfect blend of humor, knowledge and experience while conveying the ever-present need to address diversity, inclusion and effective communication. 

In addition to being CEO of INVERSITY™ Solutions, Karith is also the Founder of F.R.A.M.E the Foster Russell Alliance for Meaningful Expression a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to inspire free speech, inclusion, social change and empowerment through education and mentorship on college and university campuses.
Custom Workshops
Whether you’re a leader in a large corporation or an academic institution, Karith’s custom workshops can meet your organization’s needs.
The INVERSITYTM Online Curriculum Inversity offers seven modules with engaging supplemental activities designed for introspection and reflection.
For over a decade, Karith has given keynotes at industry associations like SHRM, corporations like Bristol Myers Squibb, and academic institutions like Stanford, Harvard and more.